January 4, 2018

My Record of my Full House Reading Challenge 2018

Full House 2018 Reading Challenge badge
Hosted here at Book Date
Reading Challenge Grid.


  1. Mystery or thriller
  2. Historical
  3. Over 500 pages
  4. Setting in library or  bookshop
  5. 4 word title     The Promise Between Us.  Barbara  Claypole White
  6. Last book added to your TBR (as of the time you fulfil this one)
  7. Classic
  8. Fantasy
  9. Coming of Age theme
  10. Adapted to a Movie
  11. Holiday season
  12. Has big plot twist
  13. Humor
  14. Book to improve your life
  15. Redemption theme
  16. Has a number in the title
  17. Under 250 pages
  18. New to you author from another country
  19. From a favorite series of yours
  20. Dual time line
  21. Non fiction hobby book
  22. Children's book ( could be a picture book if wished)
  23. Book chosen randomly from TBR shelf. You might like to do it with your eyes closed from an actual shelf. Or check your TBR on Goodreads, see how many there are and put that number into random.org. Or whatever method you think of.
  24. Memoir or Autobiography
  25. Reread


  1. I love these bingo challenges though I've never participated! I'm printing out so I can give it a try.

  2. ENJOY!!

    These always look like such fun, but they tend to be too stressful for me.

    Have fun everyone.


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