December 21, 2016

2017 Reading Assignment Challenge


You can find all the rules and deets by clicking on the links.

I am going for reading Level 1 this year.  That means twelve books in the year, one per month. It is a great way to whittle down the TBR.

The Spinster's Guide to Scandalous Behavior.  Jennifer McQuiston
Smokescreen   Emilie Richards
A Single Thread Marie Bostwick
Saving Grace   Jane Green
Accidents of Marriage   Randy Susan Meyers
The Gilded Hour   Sara Donati
We Never Asked For Wings  Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Between Sisters Cathy Kelly
The Lake House Kate Morton
Wild Invitation Nalini Singh     changed out
Foxmask   Saga of the Light Isles  Juliet Marillier
Scarlet       Marissa Meyer
Iron Lace by Emilie Richards

Accidents of Marriage. Susan Randy Meyers

A Single Thread   Marie Bostwick

Foxmask  Judith Marillier

An A for quarter 1.

The Lake House   Kate Morton

Scarlet   Marissa Meyer

Saving Grace   Jane Green

So an A for quarter 2.

Now according to the rules I am changing out one book that I set - Wild Invitation which is a short story book that I now want to keep so that when I reread the psy/changeling series I pop these short stories in at the right slot.

I am replacing it with ...  
Iron Lace by Emilie Richards

We Never Asked for Wings.  Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Between Sisters    Cathy Kelly


  1. I like this challenge! It would give me a chance to read at least 12 books that I have had on my shelf for ages! Now just to choose which ones!
    Kim @ Booksarelove!

  2. Congrats on another Challenge! I'm terrified I'm going to be signing up for more yearly challenges that I will never complete. My two (one is yours) are quite enough for me ☺

  3. Good luck with meeting your challenge!

  4. Hi there :-)
    So happy to be paired up with you on the challenge and can't wait to start.
    And cince I'm here... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

    1. Happy to paired up too Sarah. And Happy New Year.


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