December 31, 2017

2018 Library Love Challenge

Hosted by Anglea at Guilty Pleasures and Brooke at Brooke Blogs  and you can find the Sign Up page to the library challenge right here with all the guidelines.

This year I am pledging to myself that I am going to check the library for every book I want to read first, before buying. Well a few very favourite authors I'll buy first but only some!  I've noticed the library has so many books I want to read that I thought I'd make it a focus for 2018. I am already on the wait list for the latest Kristin Hannah book.

The level I am going for is Thrifty Reader - 24 books. If I surpass that it will be added joy!

Read from the Library in 2018


  1. Awesome pledge!! I am also participating in this challenge :) Good luck!

  2. What a great challenge. This is my first go-to move anyway. ha. I love my library so much! They have so many great books but now so many great Kindle books as well. Happy reading in 2018!

  3. So glad to see you joining the Library Love. Good luck!!


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